About Us

Sweetberry Aerial is part of Sweetberry Tech. We are a limited company working in the Surrey/Hampshire/Sussex area providing aerial photography and other services to businesses and individuals.

As a fully qualified CAA UAS operator, we take safety very seriously. We will never put people, property or animals at risk of harm and always carry out a risk assessment before embarking on any job. An initial remote assessment can be carried out before visiting the location, but a further one will always be carried out on site either on the day or beforehand.

Sadly, this means that there are some things we simply cannot do, so please don't request a low level aerial video of Oxford Street in the rush hour.

Having said that, most things are possible with sufficient time to get the necessary extra permissions and authority in place.

So, give us a call if you have any projects we can help with or simply want to know a bit more about us.