Gargoyle5Photogrammetry is the science of generating 3d models from photographs. Although it has been around for many years, the advent of good quality, inexpensive cameras combined with the computing power available to the man on the street has made it much more accessible. If you add a drone into the mix, you have a system which can generate accurate models of buildings, landscapes and objects.

At Sweetberry Tech, we admit to a fascination with gargoyles and grotesques. Although far less common than in other parts of europe, these stunning pieces of a craftsman's skill can be seen all over the UK. Often placed way out of reach of the highest cherry picker, a drone can easily access and photograph these beauties. Some skill, patience and processing can create a 3d model which can then be used as a thing of beauty in itself or as a step to print or reproduce them.

On this page are some examples of our favourites and links to the 3d model created from them. We hope you enjoy them.

If you have any need to capture an object for interest, reproduction or posterity then just drop us a line.

Some of our favourites